Help the Children Benefit Concert

Event Poster

Disappointment coursing through my veins, hatred filling my soul… Well it’s not THAT bad but I’m still not happy with myself. I attended a Help the Children Benefit Concert at Jewells. One of my friends actually ran the whole event, which I must say impressed me immensely. Granted I went there under the influence of a certain herb but I did not want to smoke any cigarettes…

I ended up having two. *sigh* This is by no means signifies me giving up, I WILL STOP SMOKING, and it will happen NOW! Other than that piece of dampening news, the event was awesome. The headlining band Ladyfish (the band in that picture), despite having a 15 year old lead singer (how Miley Cyrus of them), put on a great show. I also won a $250 certificate off any Contiki trip to Europe (I don’t know the details yet but I will get it soon).

04/10/08 – 4 miles in 42:00


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