Stress Rising

Another weekend down, more disappointments. Though I did not smoke any cigarettes (9 days cigarette free), the depressing thoughts that flood my mind stem from my excessive drinking and smoking of reefer. My mindset spews hatred which should lead to change. I also grow tired of my friends’ (2 being my roommates) attitude towards drinking and their general lack of appreciation for money or keeping a house clean.

The coming week provides several challenges, hopefully I will hurdle over those to a lovely vacation the following week. My girlfriend and I will be spending a week in Fort Lauderdale at a hotel on the beach. The anticipation and excitement appears to be smothered by the stress rising for the week ahead. Without challenge, there is no life, BRING IT ON LIFE!

4/19/08 – 5.5 miles in 56:09


5 thoughts on “Stress Rising

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  2. antiphonsgarden

    it might help ,that you dont consider “leaving smoking”,you can get back anytime…guilt dont work neurologicaly well!(dont think of a cigarette…see!)..but that you enjoy new spaces of liberty of breathing,tasting food better,wellcomming the emotions hidden behind the “play cool cigarette attitude”!

    where are the good old day as we did suck our thumbs when we felt lost,tired,stressed?that was more honest+less costly+poisoning!…let´s not forget,what do we REALLY need ,comforting us!

  3. bentlyr Post author

    Thanks antiphonsgarden, you are absolutely right. I’m going on 26 days now and it’s getting a lot easier.


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