Vacation on the Beach

Amazingly, through over 10 years of my life in Florida, vacationing on the beach remains novel. In fact the only other time I have stayed on the beach was in Kovalam beach, India. This vacationing opportunity presented itself through my girlfriend attending an expense paid trip to the ARVO (Association for Research in Vision and Opthalmology) convention in Fort Lauderdale, I decided to tag along.

Most attending the conference stay at upscale hotels near the convention center and take shuttles there. With me tagging along and driving our car here, my girlfriend gained the opportunity to stay further away but get a hotel ON the beach. She managed to find the Ocean Manor Resort at a reasonable $115 per night (includes parking and taxes).

We arrived on Saturday and must depart on Thursday. The weekend arrival gave us the opportunity to invite several friends that reside in the area to come and enjoy the fruits of the trip with us. I have been blessed to have such gracious and generous friends and will always treasure all the times I spend with them.

Girlfriend on the balcony

The sounds and sights at the ocean truly to provide a fully stress-free environment. I type this relaxing on the hotel room balcony, also the site of all the pictures on this post. The perfect temperature and location delivers all the ingredients for what should continue to be an amazing vacation. There will be more posts from this locus.


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