Orangutan spotted fishing with spear-like stick

This picture takes “monkey see, monkey do” to a whole new level. Apparently this male Orangutan had seen local fisherman with spears in the Gohong River. Attempting to emulate the fishermen, this Orangutan hangs off some overhanging branches, thrashing about the water striving to spear passing fish. Although the method required too much skill for him to master, he was later able to improvise by using the pole to catch fish already trapped in the locals’ fishing lines.

The extraordinary image, a world exclusive, was taken in Borneo on the island of Kaja, where apes are rehabilitated into the wild after being rescued from zoos, private homes or even butchers’ shops.

The validity of this picture may come into question but any doubts can be immediately squashed with the appearance of this and other amazing images in Thinkers of the Jungle: The Orangutan Report. The book provides great sapience into the amazing behaviors of Orangutans. The ground breaking book shows photographic evidence of previously unrecorded abilities; such as fishing and swimming. Available on May 5, the book should be a must read/see for adults and children alike.

I’m a huge proponent of saving all wildlife but if anyone would like to direct your efforts towards Orangutans, visit redapes.org or orangutanrescue.org.uk.


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