Obesity rises to new heights…

A report by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention stated that the overweight populations of 45 U.S. states increased last year. The percentage between 2005 and 2007 grew about 1.7 percent to a record 25.6 percent, or about 54 million people. That pretty much means 1 in every 4 American is obese!

Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee are the states with the biggest percentage in obesity. 30 percent of the adults are considered obese, that’s nearing 1 out of 3 people! Colorado sported the lowest rate at 18.7 percent.

By U.S. regions obesity was most prevalent in the South, with 27 percent of residents classified as obese. In the Midwest, the number was 25.3 percent; in the Northeast, 23.3 percent; and in the West, 22.1 percent, according to the report.

Breaking the numbers down by race/ethnicity and sex, obesity prevalence was highest for non-Hispanic black women (39.0 percent), followed by non-Hispanic black men (32.1 percent).

Education levels play a role, too. For men, obesity prevalence was lowest among college graduates (22.1 percent) and highest among those with some college (29.5 percent) and a high school diploma (29.1 percent). For women, obesity prevalence was lowest among college graduates (17.9 percent) and highest among those with less than a high school diploma (32.6 percent).

The CDC defines obesity as a body mass index (BMI, a ratio of weight to height) of 30 or above. An adult who is 5-feet, 10-inches tall is considered obese if he or she weighs 209 pounds. I know many people remain opposed to using BMI for anything but when one looks at just how much leeway has been given, it’s very scary.

The report contained data about adults but children do not show any immunity to the obesity epidemic. Obesity remains an issue that must be addressed. People have to start being held accountable instead of making silly references to genetics, physiological problems, or fast food companies. Take initiative and make some small changes, it’s not too late or the wrong time. Let’s help each other get healthy!

7/20/08 – 4.1 miles in 36:47


7 thoughts on “Obesity rises to new heights…

  1. jonathan

    being determined and sensitive would be the best attitude to fight obesity.. determined to do fitness routine and sensitivity of having unhealthy diet.. 😉

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  3. goodparenting


    Alongwith obesity, there are 7 things to remember after having a meal, no smoking, no drinking water immediately, no walking, no exercising, no eating fruits immediately, no losenning of belt, no sleeping. If we follow this, it is a good practise to live a healthy life

  4. bentlyr Post author

    Jonathan, agreed. I think even more than the sensitivity to eating I would think a regular fitness routine should drive a sensitivity to food in order to increase performance…

    goodparenting, I’ve heard of most of those tips but I am wondering about the no drinking water and the eating fruits.

    DR, it’s pretty bad that people are willing to blame other aspects of life WAY quicker than themselves. Everyone is also looking for a quick fix (which doesn’t exist). I hope education can slowly reverse this trend of obesity.

  5. andysbetterwater

    I was introduced to this terrific water back in January and among other benefits I received from this water was that I lost 25lbs by doing nothing more than adding it to my daily routine. I now make it my mission to introduce as many people as possible about it.


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