Dunkin’ Donuts getting healthier

Dunkin’ Donuts has a new menu for customers watching their health and weight. The “DD Smart” menu, which will debut in stores Aug. 6, will feature new flatbread sandwiches. Customers will be able to choose either a turkey sausage egg-white sandwich or a vegetable egg-white sandwich. Both will be under 300 calories with 9 grams of fat or less, the company said.

“We just felt it was important to provide some choice in our menu,” said Will Kussell, president and chief brand officer.

The new menu will also include current menu items that have 25 percent fewer calories, sugar, fat or sodium or are made with more “nutritional ingredients”. Current products that will join the new sandwiches on the menu include a multigrain bagel, Cofee Coolatta with skim milk, Iced Latte Lite, a reduced-fat blueberry muffin, and more.

The entire DDSmart menu can be found here.

Hopefully in the future, success of this ‘smart’ menu over their old offerings should drive them to make this their ‘regular’ menu. I am strong proponent of fast food joints offering smarter choices not in special menus but making those choices the norm. It’s all about small steps and this decision by Dunkin’ Donuts provides a step in the right direction.


7/30/08 – 4.66 miles in 47:37 (slow run with Sparky)


6 thoughts on “Dunkin’ Donuts getting healthier

  1. cindybin

    Once again we have someone perpetuating the myth that fat makes you fat. Losing weight has nothing to do with fat and calories, and everything to do with HORMONES. Fat is good for you and is needed by the body. Fat will not make you fat, as long as you don’t combine a refined carb or sugar with it. Fat cannot be stored unless insulin is present. And what causes a rise in insulin? Sugar! It is good they offer choices without sugar. But this egg white business is for the birds. There is nothing wrong with eating yolks. And we shouldn’t have to worry about calories, either. The only calories we should be concerned with are calories from carbs. I have followed a controlled carb program for years, and still eat this way. I never count calories or fat grams. I eat as much fat as I want! You can read my weight loss story on my blog, if you’d like. And then this coffee drink with the skim milk; well it is not healthy to drink coffee, and it would be better to have CREAM instead of skim milk. Cream is fat, of course, but as I said, fat cannot be stored unless insulin is present. On lowcarb, you can have cream. You don’t have to worry about fat and calories. You can also eat egg yolks. And the reduced-fat blueberry muffin, well is it made with sugar and refined carbs? If so, that is bad. It is better to eat pure fat than to eat the rest of the muffin. ~Cindy

  2. bentlyr Post author

    That’s great that not eating carbs has worked for you. It does not work for everyone. Believe it or not people can control/even lose their weight by controlling their intake of calories. Fat is good for you and is needed IN MODERATION. Too much fat can result in high levels of cholesterol if you are still ingesting carbs.

    You are simply replacing carbs with fat. Others can control their weight by lowering fat intake while having all the carbs in the world. It’s all about what you enjoy eating. In the end an active lifestyle will beat any of these diet methods out.

  3. adamsemail

    I think it’s great that fast food places are offering “healthy (er) alternatives. But that still does not mean that they are healthy. What the consumer is doing is choosing the better of two unhealthy alternatives. The sad fact is that most of the people who purchase this new fare for lunch, will drink a coke and have a bag of chips with it.

    Instead of trying to eat the best of all the bad for you food at a fast food place, why not just not eat there?

  4. Alex

    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!


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