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Most of the lessons we learn in life oftem come from some form of adversity. Knowing that all of us on this planet come across difficulties can help us strategically face it. Realizing the answers lie within us can motivate great things to result from these adverse conditions. Throughout your many years of existence you have faced many situations and come out on top, why should this be any different.

Be aware of the situation that has developed and tap into your encyclopedia of life events and devise a possible strategy. All the time know that the situation could get worst before it improves. Your mindset can prove to be the difference. Erase doubts that may creep in and get into the mindset of someone that CAN and WILL get through this. You haven’t come this far in life to let ONE situation cripple you. Know that others in the world have probably went through the exact same or even worst, and come out successful. This kind of strategic thinking can get you through tasks small and large.

Life isn’t just about the good times, it’s mainly about how we get through our difficult times to get to our good times. 😀 Without pain one cannot truly celebrate joy.

5/22 – Warm-up lap plus 4 miles in 39:09. I will need to work on speed but at least I am logging some significant miles now.

5/24 – Warm-up lap plus 1.28 miles in 10:30. This was a pretty good sprint.

5/25 – Warm-up lap plus 4 miles in 39:12.

5/27 – Warm-up lap plus 4 miles in 37:25.


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I’m back with a vengeance. Last week I logged a total of 3 miles. Tuesday marked a day where I ran 2.44 miles. I was able to complete it in 23:34 which is not fast but it’s a step in the right direction. One note is I actually ran around 0.75 miles before this because I was with the dogs. Unfortunately Opal threw up so I returned them to the house and ran the 2.44 miles.

Though unfortunate, the event has introduced me to the idea of doing a warm-up lap with the dogs every time I run. It will give them exercise and I can take that time to get focused on running.

Well today I did a warmup lap and ran a bit further. Unfortunately it was REALLY hot so I wasn’t able to keep a good pace. 3.27 miles in 34minutes.

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Well, my co-workers are having quite a bit of success on their diet. Apparently their clothes are fitting better. I am happy for them but I’m not sure how healthy the diet portion is (one of them had bad diarrhea on one of their cheat days). I am tempted to tell them that quite a bit of their success is probably due to exercising but I’m going to stay quiet.

Paulette and I are continuing to eat in and really make some great meals. We’re saving money and really getting good nutrients. I really want to include a wider variety of vegetables in my diet but I will need to find some recipes for that.

I have also been watching my alcohol consumption. All in all I’m smoke free for 3 weeks and binge alcohol free for 2 weeks. I need to up my mileage (as far as running is concerned) but other than that things are moving along smoothly.


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Two of my co-workers have been talking about a diet they are going on for the next month or so. I explained my views on dieting (and how ineffective I feel it is), but that’s about as far as I’m going. One of the two is morbidly obese while the other is overweight.

The overweight co-worker’s boyfriend has apparently lost 24 lbs in three weeks. It breaks down to a low sugar diet where one has oatmeal for breakfast and lunch along with 2 fruit or yogurt snacks throughout the day, diner consists of a low fat meal of meat and vegetables.

It should be interesting to observe most of this unfolding as I have never really seen this first hand. They have already been discussing what to do when… situations where friends bring over sugar loaded foods etc. One good thing that is coming of this is that they are both going to start exercising (since that is apparently also part of the diet). I also decided to have them break down the diet for me it it came to a ~800 calorie diet. *sigh* The humorous thing is that they are quick to criticize one of their friends for going on a 500 calorie diet (apparently the 300 calories makes all the difference).

I honestly can’t understand the need for immediate results at the risk of health. Work around life and try your best to live healthy. Make choices that your body will appreciate and get exercise. Be conscious of what you are eating and enjoy it. Don’t just shovel food into yourself. Look at it and appreciate it as it will sustain you. I guess I have an odd way of looking at things but I feel if people truly did that they would be able to live healthier.

I’ll probably update this as things progress. I’m probably more excited than they are. 😀


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