Monthly Archives: May 2010

Finding Positives in the Face of Adversity

Most of the lessons we learn in life oftem come from some form of adversity. Knowing that all of us on this planet come across difficulties can help us strategically face it. Realizing the answers lie within us can motivate great things to result from these adverse conditions. Throughout your many years of existence you have faced many situations and come out on top, why should this be any different.

Be aware of the situation that has developed and tap into your encyclopedia of life events and devise a possible strategy. All the time know that the situation could get worst before it improves. Your mindset can prove to be the difference. Erase doubts that may creep in and get into the mindset of someone that CAN and WILL get through this. You haven’t come this far in life to let ONE situation cripple you. Know that others in the world have probably went through the exact same or even worst, and come out successful. This kind of strategic thinking can get you through tasks small and large.

Life isn’t just about the good times, it’s mainly about how we get through our difficult times to get to our good times. 😀 Without pain one cannot truly celebrate joy.

5/22 – Warm-up lap plus 4 miles in 39:09. I will need to work on speed but at least I am logging some significant miles now.

5/24 – Warm-up lap plus 1.28 miles in 10:30. This was a pretty good sprint.

5/25 – Warm-up lap plus 4 miles in 39:12.

5/27 – Warm-up lap plus 4 miles in 37:25.